The NGSE5 took place from December 7th through 9th 2021 as an online event that was co-organized by SCUT in China together with the partners FAU, HI ERN and ZAE. The NGSE5 program covered the areas

  • Fundamentals of Photovoltaics and Simulation
  • Organic Photovoltaics – Materials, Stability
  • Perovskites – Materials, Stability
  • Advanced Concepts, Processing & Upscaling, Applications

The list of invited speakers presented at the NGSE5:

The program consisted of 11 Tutorials that were recorded and will be used in education as well as 9 Hot Topics contributions. 800 participants registered for the free event. Typical participation in the sessions was ca. 300.

Berlin Time
(Guangzhou Time)
Dec. 7th
Dec. 8th
Dec. 9th
Tutorial 3:
Organic Materials Design & Engineering
Alex Jen

(City University Hongkong)
Tutorial 8:
Advanced Concepts & Emerging PVs
Henry Snaith

Upscaling for Si/PSK Tandems
Chris Case (OxfordPV)
Tutorial 4:
OPV Stability
Morten Madsen

(University of Southern Denmark)
Tutorial 9:
Processing & Upscaling
Bin Fan
Andreas Distler and Fu Yang (ZAE Bayern)
Tutorial 5:
Microscopic simulations of PV
Jan Anton Koster

(University of Groningen)
Tutorial 10:
Applications of PVs
Jonas Bergqvist
Gang Bao (Advanced Solar Tech)
13:50 (20:50) WelcomeBreakBreak
Tutorial 1:
Fundamentals of PV junctions
Uwe Rau
(Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Hot Topics Session 1
Hongbin Wu: Assessing efficiency of photoinduced charge separation between electron donor/acceptor interface in organic solar cells by quantifying radiative proportion method
Yanming Sun
: Polymer fibril network morphology enables high-performance organic solar cells
Weiwei Li
: Double cable conjugated polymers for single-component organic solar cells
Hot Topics Session 3
Maria Antonietta Loi: Sn-based perovskites from hot electrons to device performances
Jingbi You: Efficient perovskite solar cells with various bandgaps
Steve Albrecht
: Perovskite-based tandem solar cells: towards 30% efficiency
Tutorial 2:
Fundamentals of Device Physics
Carsten Deibel
(Technical University of Chemnitz)
Hot Topics Session 2
Zuo Xiao: Development of efficient nonfullerene acceptors and polymer donors for organic solar cells
Xiaoyan Du
: Elucidating the full potential of OPV materials with AMANDA and machine learning
James Durant
: A comparison of charge carrier dynamics in organic and perovskite solar cells
Mike McGeehee
Making metal halide perovskite solar cells stable
BreakIntroduction and live demonstration of Emerging PV database
Osbel Almora/Christian Berger
Wrap up & Closing remarks
Tutorial 6:
Inorganic Materials Design & Engineering
David, Mitzi

(Duke University)
Tutorial 7:
Perovskite Stability
Antonio Abate

(Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin)