2nd Tutorial Session

Simulation vs. Experiment
Simulation vs. Experiment

After Prof. Jen’s inspiring talk on materials design (see previous post) Prof. Morten Madsen from the Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark gave a great review on stability of organic solar cells by detailing various aging mechanisms of all layers in OPV. Surprising results presented for example was the stabilization of the burn-in by adding Bete-Carotine (yes – you find it in carrots) as an additive, since it is able to quench singlest Oxygen.

Opening Slide - Prof. Madsen
Opening Slide – Prof. Madsen

The third tutorial of the morning was given by Prof. Jan Anton Koster from the University of Groningen on simulation and modelling in OPV and Perovskite solar cells. Prof. Koster gave a great introduction into the background and the challenges of simulating these somewhat complicated devices.

Comparison simulation and experiment
Comparison simulation and experiment from Prof. Koster’s lecture

Prof. Koster shared many insights into the difficulties of comparing simulation and experiments from the simulation point of view. His lecture made it quite clear how both disciplines benefit from each other!