OPV Cells with >19% Efficiency

19.05% OPV Cell
19.05% OPV Cell

The second tutorial session of the NGSE5 was started out by Prof. Alex K.-Y. Jen from the City University of Hongkong. Prof. Jen is a pioneer in the design of Donor-Acceptor Molecules which helped pushing OPV efficiencies in the past few years. In his tutorial he gave an introduction into materials design & engineering for emerging PV technologies. In his Session Prof. Jen showed first device data for an OPV cell with an initial efficiency of 19.05% (certified at 17.45%)!!!! According to Prof. Jen 20% is within reach!

Prof. Jen showing OPV device with 19.05% Efficiency
Prof. Jen showing OPV device with initial Efficiency of 19.05%

In the second part of his lecture Prof. Jen focussed on advances in interface materials for Perovskites. Particular attention is paid to Metal organic frameworks with the ability to significantly stabilize Perovskite solar cells by trapping lead ions.