22-09-2021: Opening talk by Dr. C.M. Wolff

Dr. C.M. Wolff

The Series will start with a talk from Dr. Christian M. Wolff postdoc at the EPFL – PVLAB in Switzerland. Dr. Wolff will present his work on “Light management in perovskite single- and multi-junction solar cells“.


As perovskites have improved in both efficiency and stability through composition- and process-engineering, their higher efficiencies become limited by extrinsic factors such as their ability to absorb light and convert these photons into usable energy. To reduce reflection losses flat surfaces must be avoided. I will present randomly textured nanometer- and micrometer-sized structures in solution or vapor deposited lead halide perovskites and how these enable flat and almost loss-free photon-to-current spectra. The devices collect ~95% of all incoming light above bandgap. I’ll close by showing how these textures are embedded into efficient single-junctions and two-terminal tandem devices and our approaches and pitfalls when trying to upscale the processes to wafer size.