27-10-2021: Talk by Dr. M. H. Futscher

On October 27th, M. Futscher a Postdoc in Thin Films and Photovoltaics group at EMPA (Switzerland) will present his talk on :
Ion migration in halide perovskites: Opportunities and challenges.

Halide perovskites have proven to be a promising candidate for high-efficiency solar cells, light-emitting diodes, and X-ray detectors, overcoming limitations of inorganic semiconductors. However, unlike classical inorganic semiconductors, halide perovskites are mixed ionic-electronic conductors, and their ionic conductivity has been shown to increase under device operating conditions. In this talk, I will discuss the important consequences of this mixed conductivity for (opto)electronic measurement techniques. I will further show how to distinguish between ionic and electronic effects using transient techniques, and highlight some recent developments to utilize the mixed conductivity of halide perovskites in applications such as Li-ion batteries and resistive switches.