24-11-2021: Talk by L. Perdigón Toro (Previously canceled)

On November 24th, L. Perdigón Toro a PhD student in Prof. D. Neher’s lab at the University of Potsdam Germany will present her talk on :
What have we learned so far from state-of-the-art organic solar cells?

Organic solar cells (OSCs) have experienced renewed and rapidly growing interest in the last five years due to the development of a new generation of n-type small molecules, known as non-fullerene acceptors (NFAs). NFAs have enabled efficiencies to increase to above 18%, with a 20% now within reach. In the beginning of 2019, the blend of the donor polymer PM6 with the NFA Y6 caught everyone’s attention, because of its high and reproducible performance. In Potsdam, we aimed to learn more about PM6:Y6 blend by focusing on free charge generation and recombination and the emission properties of the species involved in these processes. Here, I will present the main results and conclusions from these studies and point to issues and questions, which still need to be addressed.