13-Apr-2022: Talk by Dr. N.Y. Doumon

Nutifafa Y. Doumon

On the 13th of April, Dr. Nutifafa Y. Doumon currently a postdoc NREL (US) and previously at INRS (Ca) will present his talk on:

Challenges Faced by Emerging (Organic) Photovoltaic Technologies.
The increasing global demand for energy and the challenge of reducing carbon emissions have prompted the development of numerous alternative energy technologies, emphasizing renewable sources. Organic photovoltaics (OPVs) are viable technologies in this direction. However, issues of low efficiency, high instability, and short lifetime must be addressed. For OPVs, breaking the 10% efficiency barrier, hardly attained by the fullerene-based OPVs, was only recently made possible by the advent of non-fullerene acceptors, with efficiency currently reaching beyond 19%. This is because of the exciting possibilities offered by this new class of acceptors. However, this class of materials also faces the same challenges. This talk is a synopsis of work done to understand one of the challenges of OPVs, namely stability. The common theme is the effects of the chemical structure of the materials (polymers, acceptors, and additives) on the photostability of the OPVs, looking at binary and ternary bulk heterojunction systems.