23-Mar-2022: Talk by Dr. P. Caprioglio

On the 23rd of March, Dr. Pietro Caprioglio a postdoc in the Snaith’s group at the University of Oxford (UK) will present his talk on:

Open-circuit and short-circuit loss management in inverted wide-gap perovskite pin solar cells
We couple a theoretical and experimental approach to understand and reduce the energy losses of wide bandgap Br-rich perovskite pin devices at open-circuit voltage (VOC) and short-circuit current (JSC) conditions. We demonstrate that modifying the perovskite surface with larger cations eliminates the VOC losses and, concurrently, the optimization of different bottom hole-transport layers minimizes the JSC losses. The resulting optimized devices show VOCs up to 1.29 V, fill factors above 82% and JSCs up to 17 mA/cm2.