11-May-2022: Talk by Dr. C. Maheu

On the 11th of May, Dr. Clément Maheu currently a postdoc at the Technical University of Darmstadt (DE) will present his talk on:

Photoelectron Spectroscopies provide insights in solar energy materials and their interfaces.
Solar energy materials are crucial to convert solar energy in electrical or chemical energy providing low-carbon power or solar fuels. It involves semiconductors and interfaces that are key parts of devices. Photoelectron spectroscopies (PES) provides insights into such interfaces. They give at the same time spectroscopic (i.e. chemical) and electronic information helping the development of highly efficient materials. Unfortunately, lab-based PES lack the appropriate spatial resolution to study full device structures such as perovskite solar cells and their buried interfaces. Interface experiments and the tapered cross-section PES are two methods that we used in Darmstadt for studying them.