The speakers for the NGSE6 have not been confirmed yet. Therefore the program draft is not available yet.

For reference, the program below is the 2020 program for the NGSE5. The NGSE6 will follow a similar format.

Berlin Time
(Guangzhou Time)
Dec. 7th
Dec. 8th
Dec. 9th
Tutorial 3:
Organic Materials Design & Engineering
Alex Jen

(City University Hongkong)
Tutorial 8:
Advanced Concepts & Emerging PVs
Henry Snaith

Upscaling for Si/PSK Tandems
Chris Case (OxfordPV)
Tutorial 4:
OPV Stability
Morten Madsen

(University of Southern Denmark)
Tutorial 9:
Processing & Upscaling
Bin Fan
Andreas Distler and Fu Yang (ZAE Bayern)
Tutorial 5:
Microscopic simulations of PV
Jan Anton Koster

(University of Groningen)
Tutorial 10:
Applications of PVs
Jonas Bergqvist
Gang Bao (Advanced Solar Tech)
13:50 (20:50) WelcomeBreakBreak
Tutorial 1:
Fundamentals of PV junctions
Uwe Rau
(Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Hot Topics Session 1
Hongbin Wu: Assessing efficiency of photoinduced charge separation between electron donor/acceptor interface in organic solar cells by quantifying radiative proportion method
Yanming Sun
: Polymer fibril network morphology enables high-performance organic solar cells
Weiwei Li
: Double cable conjugated polymers for single-component organic solar cells
Hot Topics Session 3
Maria Antonietta Loi: Sn-based perovskites from hot electrons to device performances
Jingbi You: Efficient perovskite solar cells with various bandgaps
Steve Albrecht
: Perovskite-based tandem solar cells: towards 30% efficiency
Tutorial 2:
Fundamentals of Device Physics
Carsten Deibel
(Technical University of Chemnitz)
Hot Topics Session 2
Zuo Xiao: Development of efficient nonfullerene acceptors and polymer donors for organic solar cells
Xiaoyan Du
: Elucidating the full potential of OPV materials with AMANDA and machine learning
James Durant
: A comparison of charge carrier dynamics in organic and perovskite solar cells
Mike McGeehee
Making metal halide perovskite solar cells stable
BreakIntroduction and live demonstration of Emerging PV database
Osbel Almora/Christian Berger
Wrap up & Closing remarks
Tutorial 6:
Inorganic Materials Design & Engineering
David, Mitzi

(Duke University)
Tutorial 7:
Perovskite Stability
Antonio Abate

(Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin)